Artist Statement

My practice is a contemporary take on traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking techniques. I print by hand using very lightweight handmade paper and simple tools such as a baren, spoon or blunt pencil.  This allows me to play with individual mark making and employ tonal variations that could not be achieved by the uniform pressure of a printing press. 

My work predominately focuses on the architecture of flight; I start with photography capturing a form in movement. I then draw, scale and recompose the image before committing it to a woodblock.  I use the block itself in multiple ways; producing a significant variety between the prints.  This allows me to hone the techniques I feel are working best. The block is used more as a springboard for ideas rather than a defined matrix that will be literally reproduced.  In this respect I produce a “series” of prints, rather than strict editions.  Recently I have moved up in scale carving large A0 sized woodblocks.

My practice is centered around processes of abstraction and reconstruction of natural animal forms; I aim to push them away from a singular recognisable identity.  I reduce, abstract and reform the subject so that they cannot be easily classified. The process of recomposing the image, or focusing on a section rather than the whole, creates something more archetypal.  I am interested in the mythological narratives of animals within the human subconscious and look to explore this liminality within my work, capturing the mystery or spirit of a subject rather than dutifully replicating its' form. 

Recently, I have begun to explore issues around conservation, endangered species and habitat loss. 


Matthew Lintott is a Bristol based artist and printmaker working between Bristol and London as an exhibiting artist.

He began studying in 1994 at Dewsbury College of Arts.  This was followed by graduating from Brunel with a fine art degree then working within the music industry for 15 years until 2016 when he returned to the practice of visual arts.

A focus on printmaking culminated in an artist in residence position in London that spring.  During this time he learnt and experimented with a variety of techniques and processes.  His work with woodcut relief and paper preparation forms the basis of an experimental mixed media approach. 

From Spring to Summer 2016 he was the Artist-in-Residence at City Lit University in Holborn, London.  This was City Lit University's first time creating such a position. Matthew was mentored throughout the residency by Thomas Gosebruch.

  • Foundation in Art and design at Dewsbury College

  • Honours degree in Fine Art at Brunel University

  • MA in Creative Technology Design at Leeds University

  • Artist in residence at City Lit University London 2016




Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries, London

Bath Society of Artists, Bath

Annual Open, Royal West Academy, Bristol

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

The Masters, The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, Bankside Gallery London


Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

The Natural Eye, Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Galleries, London

Annual Open, Royal West Academy, Bristol

[SOLO] The Open Eye Theatre, Minneapolis, USA


Awagami International, Tokushima, Japan

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

The Natural Eye, Mall Galleries, London

Annual Open, Royal West Academy, Bristol

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London

Flaxon Ptooch, Dis-till, London


Safehouse 1, E-merge, London

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